Matt Middendorf – aka, @cincymitt on Instagram.

Matt is the force behind the OhioToyKick and a photographer with an instantly recognizable style. He’s also one of the many toy-photographers I’ve come to admire. I found Matt during a ToyPops session and he was an instant follow for me!


courtesy of Matt Middendorf


It’s been a pleasure to watch Matt’s style develop, as well as watch the OhioToyGroup grow. I asked Matt to tell me his story and he obliged.

If you’ve noticed a theme developing here concerning the artists featured here, you’re correct. Originality, passion, modesty and the ability to speak to an audience through images are some of the qualities I’ve found that the artists I admire all possess.

Here’s Matt in his own words:

I began my journey into toy photography a couple years ago after stumbling across several photos on Instagram. I had resisted social media for a very long time until the women in my life suggested Instagram as a more visual and artistic alternative to Facebook. I was amazed at the content I found.


courtesy of Matt Middendorf

The passion and creativity that artist were putting into these “toy pics” just floored me. Then it hit me, I love photography and have a collection of toys just sitting on a shelf staring at me. I’m gonna give this a shot! Well, it fit like a glove.


courtesy of Matt Middendorf

For me, toyphotography is the perfect combination of art and pop culture. Other than music and my family, they are the two things I’m most passionate about. There’s a feeling I get when working with a concept/shot outdoors. It’s the same feeling I had at ten years old, lying in the grass setting up an epic battle between the plastic forces of good and evil. This feeling of nostalgia is no small part one the biggest joys that come from this medium for me. Aside from all this I think it’s also important to recognize the friendships, and amazing people I’ve come to know and love over the last few years. Artist who share the same passions as I do, and folks I’d never have met if it wasn’t for the world of toyphotography.

        – Matt

The bounty hunter.. Working on my night photography all this week, I wanna thank my friends Nick @shakem78 and Grant @grantkilgard for helping me sharpen my night game up ... #OhioToykick #bokeh #DisneyInfinity  #BobaFett  #STARWARS  #EpicToyart #ToyOutsiders  #_Tyton_ #starwarsblackseries  #ToyCollective  #toysaremydrug #wheretoysdwell #toyelites #justanothertoygroup #toyslagram_toyartistry_dual_feature #toyunion #guardiyan  #toyplanet #toyartistry #toptoyphotos  #toycrewbuddies #toygroup_alliance #toyartistry_elite #toyphotography  #cincinnati #ohio #tga_sneakysneaky #tcb_beatit

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Instagram User of Interest


I’m completely taken by this shot from Instagram user, long time friend and follower, @action_figure_addict .

He has a behind-the-scenes, follow up shot posted as well. The amount of time and ingenuity it took to pull this shot off was well worth the effort.

Whether you’re just starting out on Instagram, or a long time user, this is a perfect example of a shot that will inspire others to try the same techniques used here. Be sure to give his feed a look and a follow.


– the intimidating first post –

rogueonedeathIf you’re coming here from Instagram, this is the post you were looking for. If you’re coming from somewhere else, how did that happen?

Welcome to C.K.O. or, Captain Kaos Online. This is going to become the home of my photographs and stories. Not all of them, only the ones worth sharing. I also plan to use it for “behind the scenes” work, B-sides, videos, figure reviews and the occasional rant. The look and feel of the blog isn’t set in stone. I have a bad habit of tweaking, and re-tweaking until websites flow the way I want.


The big news to take away from this first post is this. If you’re a toy-photographer looking for some additional web presence, this blog is for you.

 I want to feature you!

I intend to use this blog as a way to expose toy-photography to as many people as I can. One way for me to do this is reach out to other toy-photographers and ask if they want to be featured. The other way is asking you to apply to be a “FEATURED GUEST ARTIST”.

The way it works is this. As often as I can, I’ll sort through the photographer submissions, (I hope there’s a lot) get in touch with the artist that interests me at the time and put together an entire blog entry about that artist. The entry will include a write up, maybe a short bio and up to 5 of your pictures. They don’t have to be your most recent, maybe the ones you think are the best or the shots that best represent your style.

So starting right this very second, if being a guest artist on my blog interests you, email me through the contact form and we’ll get something together.

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