Goodbye Instagram

This was a long time coming…


– never happy, never satisfied –

Everybody knows about the dreaded algorithm and how IG now decides what it is you want to see, right? While the algorithm definitely killed off the user experience I had come to enjoy, it’s not the sole reason for my departure.

Creativity. Creativity is what pushed me away.

I can’t be the only person that scrolls through their feed and thinks, “seen it, seen it, done that, seen it.”. Or even better, “That’s just a copy of @fill_in_the_blanks picture from yesterday.”  It got to be tedious, more then it was fun.

Something else I noticed… I found myself shooting the same old things, the same old ways. So I conducted a little personal experiment. I purposely took a break from Instagram to avoid being influenced by what I was seeing, and went out shooting. Not only was I surprised with my results, I was happy with them. I wasn’t shooting to “produce” what people had come to expect from me. I was shooting for me. The Stormtroopers got a well deserved break while Gollum, David 8, and the Metaluna Mutant, all went out for a trip to the beach. I liked the results and I had fun going out to put those three figures in places you wouldn’t expect to find them.


– invader –

I’m not saying, “I hate Instagram! Instagram sucks! I’m taking my toys and going home!”, because that’s not the case. I have a landscape photography account on IG and enjoy that feed quite a lot. Nobody is vying to be the next rep for any manufacturer, no one is bashing anyone else, and the photos I’m seeing are spectacular. Truly inspirational stuff!

If you followed me for any length of time, you’ve seen where I’ve tried to incorporate some of the techniques I picked up from shooting landscapes into toy-photography. I wasn’t always successful and I’m still not happy with any of the long exposure shots, but I tried. Landscape photography is hard. It’s a challenge, every time I go out, to capture something that hasn’t been done before, and I enjoy the hell out of that aspect of it.


Smith’s Cove, Shelter Island, NY

So what am I getting at? Who cares, right?  I got burnt out. There are other things I want to try. I’ll always take pictures of Star Wars figures and others as well, but they’re going to be posted here… along with other kinds of photography and articles about photographers that I admire.


Follow along here if you’d like and don’t think for a second that I’m done with figure photography.

Thank you,



“So long!”




9 thoughts on “Goodbye Instagram

  1. All of your photography is enjoyable to look at. Happy that you will have all types of your awesomeness right here on your blog!

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  2. I hear every word of what you are saying. I too am getting a little tired and it’s stopped me from producing more work because,’what’s the point!’ I have 700+ “followers” of which I see work from about 100 of them and have contact with about 50 on a regular basis! Likes, I don’t really care about, I want that schoolyard thing where kids share wonderment about stuff they’ve done and that seems to have gone. Im glad I can still catch your work here though. My IG tag is Yodapooch btw, but i’m Dave, look forward to seeing what your camera sees. 👊

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  3. Amazing Matt totally understand And agree with you 100% I’ve only known you a short while and always found you a man of integrity. I felt the same way recently and I’ve been on here less than a year, its so competitive but with no competition its bizarre to me,the same shots day in day out and I’ve fell into the trap of producing shots for someone else agenda instead of my own personal instinct shots for me. Which made me original, I’ve since started doing my own thing again I don’t care if I don’t get seen,I know I did my best. Cheers Bro good luck to you can’t wait to see what you do on here. Cheers Paul red dog 5….

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  4. I will continue to follow you here Matt! Well said on the creativity and that Ig has fell short of having fun anymore! I look forward to seeing your work and enjoy every bit of it!

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