Nicholas Deak


Samurai Stormtrooper – courtesy of Nick Deak

Nicholas Deak, or @shakem78 on Instagram, has one of the most varied collection of images and figures you’ll find on the social media site.

Quick to leave an encouraging comment on a fellow toy-photographers post, Nick is the embodiment of what the toy-photography community is all about. Always positive, always upbeat, his feed is a pleasure to scroll through. You’ll find everything from Alien to Schwarzenegger and even the occasional Ronald McDonald.

A 38 year old single Dad from New Hampshire, Nick says he used to draw a lot. As he grew older he lost interest. His late Grandmother gave him an older Canon film camera and he was hooked until film became more and more difficult to find. Nick explains how he rediscovered photography, specifically toy-photography and ran with it.

“…a few years go by and I was convinced to start a Instagram page. People said it was a cool site with pictures. So I did and I had the typical selfies and food on it.

One day I was waiting in my work van and I had an old 1980s Snake eyes GI Joe. I made him pose in a breakdancing pose and posted it to IG. The next thing I know someone left a hashtag, something to do with toys, and I clicked on it. There it was.

I saw toys doing crazy things like flying around and in these awesome poses and so much life was to them. So I was inspired from there.”

Big thanks to whoever the stealth hash-tagger was that day!

Nick is one example of the breed of toy-photographers that are my favorites to follow. He interacts, he’s a prolific poster and he’s humble. Seriously, Nick’s pictures are very well thought out and well composed. Leave a compliment on his shot and you’re guaranteed to get a “Thanks very much Bro!”, or something similar, back.


Special Delivery – courtesy of Nick Deak

If you’re here reading this, you most likely already follow Nick and know what I’m talking about.

I certainly hope Nick continues to share images from his imagination with us. It’s been a pleasure to watch his skills as a photographer grow and see his feed progress forward.

Thank you Nick. Keep being the positive influence you are and continue raising the bar for the rest of us.


courtesy of Nick Deak

This is the first of a regular series featuring photographers that influence trends within the toy-photography community. If you’d like to be considered for a feature, contact me through this website. – CK 


11 thoughts on “Nicholas Deak

  1. Fantastic read bud, congrats too, to Nick for an awesome feature . . Did you ever find out who the stealth hashtagger was ?.

    Daz, (FHtz)


  2. I think this is a really cool website and I’m excited to see more features. I haven’t been so active in my toy photography and have never met this photographer but he sounds really nice and his work is amazing! Those are shots I could only dream of taking. Congrats 👍🏻👌🏻


  3. Congrats Nick! I have always enjoyed seeing your photos. As Matt said you post an amazing array of characters/genres and styles. Plus you have always been supportive and encouraging of others. Well done my friend.


  4. Couldnt think of a better guy to be the opening feature for the site!
    looking foward to future features and watching this site grow.


  5. Congrats again Matt on the new site, it is awesome and refreshing to have somewhere to come and visit outside of the ‘social media’ world. Love the ToyPic Community and great choice in Nick to kick things off. I look forward to your next feature!


  6. Congrats once again Nick! Your work is really awesome and you truly deserved this feature. This website really makes me enthusiastic and I can’t wait to see more entries!


  7. What a great feature, about an even greater guy. An amazing talent and one of the nicest guys in our community! Congratulations Nick!!


  8. Great feature! Nick is one of the stand-out friendliest of people in the community and his pictures are consistently stunning.

    Great work on the blog Captain, looking forward to seeing how it develops…

    Joe (AKA Japes.T)


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